White Fox Nicotine Pouches


  • Nicotine mg/g: 16
  • Nicotine mg/pouch: 12
  • Content: 15g
  • Format: Slim

With White Fox Nicotine Pouches, which are now sold at Tugboat Shop, experience the pinnacle in smokeless gratification. Perfectly crafted, these nicotine pouches taste clean and pleasant without using tobacco. Every pouch offers a consistent, long-lasting nicotine delivery that keeps you motivated and concentrated all through your day.

Perfect for anybody looking for a covert and handy substitute for smoking, White Fox Nicotine Pouches are handy anywhere at any time. Just slide a pouch under your lip to feel energizing. It’s the ideal answer for a contemporary life without smoke, smells, or stains. Order your White Fox Pouches right now to welcome Tugboat Shop’s smoke-free future.

Specification of White Fox Nicotine Pouches:

  • Nicotine mg/g: 16
  • Nicotine mg/pouch: 12
  • Content: 15g
  • Format: Slim

Flavors of Tugboat Pouches:

  • GN Tobacco – 18mg
  • Double Mint – 18mg
  • Peppered Mint – 18mg
  • GN Tobacco – 16mg
  • GN Tobacco Black

GN Tobacco – 18mg, Double Mint – 18mg, Peppered Mint – 18mg, GN Tobacco – 16mg, GN Tobacco Black


1 Piece, 10 Pcs/1Box


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