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Tugboat Evo Details

Upgrade Your Vaping with the New Tugboat EVO

Hello, and thank you for visiting Tugboat EVO, the world’s most advanced vaping platform. Here at Tugboat Shop, we can’t wait to show you our fantastic selection of Tugboat EVO disposable vaporizers. Let’s get into what sets these tools apart:

Extremely Long Shelf Life and a Wide Range of Delicious Flavours

Tugboat EVO will provide you with a sensation unlike any other when vaping. The products in our line are guaranteed to last for years and come in an array of mouthwatering, sugary flavors. With a massive 10ml cartridge capacity, each Tugboat EVO device can deliver up to 4500 satisfying hits. No matter if you prefer traditional favorites or are looking for something new and exciting, our assortment has something for you.

Moderate Levels of Nicotine for Pleasure

Anxious about your body’s nicotine intake? Don’t worry, Tugboat EVO has a nicotine level of less than 5%, so it won’t negatively impact your health. We care about your health, so we’ve made it so you can vape without getting too much nicotine.

Customize Your Vaping Experience to Fit Your Needs

The integrated coil in the Tugboat EVO puts you in command of your vaping experience. The strength and intensity of the vapor can be adjusted to your liking for a totally personalized experience. Your happiness, your terms.

Long-Lasting Battery Life, Minimal Upkeep

Tugboat EVO devices are sturdy, requiring little in the way of upkeep, and they have a long, reliable battery life. Get your vape on without having to worry about charging it or keeping it in working order.

Get ready for the Vaping Experience of a Lifetime. When in Dubai, buy Tugboat EVO!

Our Dubai-based online store makes buying Tugboat EVO a breeze. The quality and legitimacy of the products we sell are assured because they come straight from the source, the manufacturer. Check out the many flavor and mix options we provide; our helpful staff is available to answer any queries you may have.

Tugboat EVO combines unprecedented levels of quality, diversity, and satisfaction into a single revolutionary disposable vape. Visit Tugboat Shop today to get started vaping with Tugboat EVO!

Tugboat Evo Available Flavours

Each Tugboat EVO device is specifically tailored for a single flavour.

Tugboat EVO vaping is powered by proprietary liquid and juice blends infused with salt nicotine and natural flavors. Since these blends are liquid-based, they produce no harmful combustion byproducts for human consumption. The nicotine concentration remains below 5%, an ideal range suitable for both newcomers and seasoned smokers.

Thanks to its impressive capacity, this device has the potential to replace numerous packs of traditional cigarettes. For those who smoke moderately, it can endure for over 20 days on a single fill.

Pros of the Tugboat EVO Dubai Disposable Vape


Compact Size & Comfortable Shape


Easy To Operate & Adjustment Feature.


No Maintenance & No Need Charging


Large Tank Capacity, Approx 4500 Puffs


Various Types Of Flavours, Original & Classic


Optimum Nicotine & Nicotine Level 5%

Customer Reviews

Ahmed Kobir
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Tugboat Shop is fantastic! Their vape selection is huge, and the staff is so helpful, even if you don't speak English well. They guided me to the perfect vape, and I couldn't be happier!
MD Hasan
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I stumbled upon Tugboat Shop and couldn't be happier. They have a vast array of flavors and devices, and the prices are unbeatable. Top-notch service too!
Mojibur rahman
Read More
Tugboat Shop is a vaping paradise. The quality of their products is outstanding, and the staff's expertise helped me find the perfect setup. Five stars!
Ahmed Harari
Read More
I'm a vaping enthusiast, and Tugboat Shop is a hidden gem. Their unique flavor options and competitive prices make it a must-visit for any vaper.
MD Abdullah
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If you're into vaping, Tugboat Shop is the place to be. Their inventory is impressive, and the staff is always ready to assist. Check it out!
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